Healing Life Therapies

Massage -Yoga -Reiki -Healing Sessions

After experiencing pregnancy losses and undergoing a corrective surgery, I recognized it was imperative that I embark on a journey to begin healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  As a result, I was highly referred to Damien.  Under his care, massage therapy as well as Reiki proved to have remarkable impacts on renewing my spirit, restoring hope, and relocating happiness.  Through this process, I gained an appreciation for the time and energy it takes to truly heal the body, as well as heart and mind. 

I am tremendously thankful for the treatment I received from Damien, as he played a vital role in my recovery.   Today it is with great joy that I have now reached the midway point of a healthy pregnancy, and much to our surprise, my husband and I are expecting the arrival of a baby boy AND girl this summer.