Healing Life Therapies

Massage -Yoga -Reiki -Healing Sessions

 What does it mean to HEAL? Well first let me just state the obvious that healing is NOT a cure. To heal, takes time and patience.  And even perhaps a spiritual path towards being healthy, happy and healing injuries in the body. Injuries are not just physical but also emotional and spiritual. Healing is about accepting that perhaps an injury will always be a part of your life, but still being able to live a full life with that injury by balancing the energy and emotional connection to that injury. Or healing can be taking the pain away. Everyone’s body and journey is different.

These sessions are designed on an individual basis. And not every session will be the same as the previous session. As the Healing starts to take it will start to change things inside of you, therefore each session will have slight differences as well as perhaps even a drastic change in focus depending on how you are responding to the healing work at hand.

What to expect at the Initial Consultation. During the two hour consultation we will be focused on identifying the problems, injuries, emotional state, etc. Talking along with energy scans of the body will help us pinpoint and determine the best plan of action to follow during the following healing sessions. Energy Scans of the body can include the following: Aura Readings, Psychic Readings or divinations*, Dowsing, stones and crystals,  and palpating with hands the injured areas. Also the use of teas; drinking tea is very good for healing work.

*Psychic readings and Divinations are optional. If you are uncomfortable with receiving these please remember to state so.

The Healing Session. Each session is individual, and can incorporate a number of different tools during the session. From Aura Healing, Reiki Healing, Shamanic Healing, Dowsing, Massage, Yoga, Mediation, Toning. Each session is 90 minutes long, however a session might not be all 90 minutes of hands on work. As discussing how the sessions are going and “homework” for you to do on your own at home to keep the healing work going will be included in the sessions.

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